Seven days in seven hills(story)

Mothering Today – Changes & Challenges

When a tiny tot!! started to cry beside….me in the hospital I wanted to pacify him …I was introduced as “Mother” to this wonderful world and it was indeed joyful moment to see my baby besides me…My first  step and role towards him started  as a mother:

M:Mentor,O:Owner,T:Teacher,H:Healer,E:Educator ,R:Remaker….

Hmmm!!! Yes of course it is a new event in one`s life to have and face certain challenges and changes….we should adapt to certain changes  to the new lifestyle along with your baby and also it becomes sometimes challenging who you are alone to handle the entire..event.

Motherhood is the wonderful part of women ‘s  life.To be frank it is great time for me to understand my child’s need on day-to-day  basis.It is often said “Home is the first school and Mother is the first Teacher”.

   Let me narrate a story being the author: Rashmi.Sortur.                     

“ Sevendays in SevenHills”

At premises of the temple…newbie started to cry…his mother was still moping the temple floors, collects the shoes of visitors…gives them the token for the same…the tiny little was still wondering why my mom  is not feeding me…??? In the torn  saree  which is small cradle for him…she swings it, sing a song pacify little one to go to sleep…this had been her day to day lifestyle…her husband was a daily wage worker who work in the construction of temple on meager  salary…Shantamma  had joined her helping hand to her husband Sharannapa both dwells from small village in southern India….only dream for them is to educate their child and give him all he wishes like any other parents….Though it is pathetic situation for them but yet they are peaceful..into their own world. Life sometime asks them to change and gives them always puzzles and problems to face challenging  environs. But still Shantamma & her husband ready to do anything for their kid..both being the devotees of the temple where they work..their house was given by the contractor  who takes care of construction work of the temple.

        From Preparing the morning Tea ,breakfast or lunch Shantamma managed herself & family to by standing onto her toes….as it is a hilly region surrounded by mountain, mud areas also construction taking up there…once it started to rain  heavily..on hot summer…she was in hurry to go to near her baby who was put onto the cotton cradle in open space in between the two trees…heavy drops of rain had fallen on the baby…she managed to wipe him with her clothes..and took him home and made a firework to keep baby warm…she didn`t had any clue why the little(Chintu) was shivering and trembling…he had high fever….when her husband was back from work…asked her what happened why she left the Shoe collecting store  without closing it…she said that Chintu was not well…they went to their owner Mr.Reddy who was a contractor and other mason friends to help them to take kid to hospital also Sharannappa asked his wages in advance  to Mr.Reddy. This time being lucky ,he managed to get some money and they showed their Chinntu to doctor Dr.Sri.Hari.

Dr.Hari said the kid is on high fever it seems he had fever and asked Shantamma to show details if Chinntu was vaccinated early….Shantamma manage to write the vaccination on plain paper in her mother tongue..each time whenever she took Chintu to their mass vaccination programme  held by their construction unit at the temple premises….but still fever was due to the drenching of the Chintu…doctor asked her to gave a kid a medicine ,indeed expensive also certain vaccination which was either missed out by her…Dr.Hari said give these …kid requires time to recover minimum seven days from his fever, shiver, cold also to boost his immune…as per doctor advised she gave the medicine to kid ….but….that night Chintu started to shiver, vomit still his situation worsened….Doctor managed to give him treatment on hand….Sharanappa went to his owner again to ask his  day-to-day wages  in cash …Mr.reddy asked him for not working for two days….he requested his owner he will do extra work in morning and also other work during construction this time Reddy being harsh ,Sharanappa told this to his wife. she said I will also go to store even I had been not there….as she went to work the temple premises security told there had been already the another lady on work in her place. She went and asked Mr.reddy for not informing her to move about of the work when they have such a stressful situation ..He said I can`t change the rules and my working hours also today it is your son tomorrow another one may fall sick I can`t lend all my money and sympathy I do have a family  I have to think about them as you are thinking now…tell Sharanappa to join some other job “I know a friend who’s owners house require a cook” informed Mr.Reddy when Shantamma begged him…he also told be punctual to the job otherwise they will again remove you from the job….laughed Reddy.

      Despite being despair she managed to get the job of cooking…in that home and they shifted to that place along with the kid…Now it had been already 3 days over but the kid was not showing any recovery….as Sharanappa was also sad and cried that he felt worthless person to lose the job and that NIGHT he tried to commit the suicide….but the crying kid made Shantamma to awake and she saw his husband lying unconscious…she informed matter to her new  owner whose house was near to Shantamma`s hut. Again he was hospitalized and asked her take care of husband till he recovers….she went to the owner asked that if he manages to give some money she can assure to work extra for a month after both her husband and son recovers…owner agreed and took her valuables as pledge and lent money…for her she had the valuable thing was her child`s silver anklet.. which they purchased it second hand earlier when he was born…..unwillingly she gave…it and finished her work for a day..took kid to hospital where Sharanappa was admitted….she took a challenge to look after her son and husband…she being a strong devotee of god of seven hills she worshipped everyday …..for her only god was the impartial listener and donor of happiness….she offered a god a flower of seven petals  for seven days….to her surprise as kid and husband were recovering Sharanappa asked about the flower from where she got..she said it is a flower grown near temple where seven hills god resides….Sharanappa said why can`t you get me plenty of flowers at home I can prepare garland and you can sell them during evening hours near the temple. Once I am recovered I will meet my manson friends and ask them if they can get me some job….Shantamma said Okay…felt relaxed and lightened the lantern infront of god’s photo”

As her husband said she sold the flowers in front of the temple during….evening hours she managed to do both of her work exceedingly well. At next day in the evening …..a bus boarded in front of the temple asking way to seven hill god temple entrance…as Shantamma came bit early…she saw the tiny school kids ….coming to see the temple…driver asked can anyone guide us about the temple? It was Shantamma who rushed to guide them it was she who was missing the sight of her god at temple from past seven days….she informed about the temple history in her colloquial language to the driver and driver told the stuff to  teacher and the kids they all prayed to god…teacher liked the attitude showed by her asked her to take a money

But she refused to take it. Since teacher being honest said “you had came to guide us…inspite keeping your flower store unattended by someone”.  Shantamma replied “No…amma God is there to resuce us..indeed my job is to serve all who come here as a worshipper by giving them flower in form of devotion”. As teacher asked Shantamma to just close  her shop and offered her snack which they got for kids..Both had a talk and teacher got realized the ups and downs of Shantamma`s life…Teacher said I will take up your matter to one of the NGO run by our retired principal Sir.Mohan which helps rural and unpreveliged         women to stand up in society and boost up their confidence she gave her numbers written on the paper and teacher left…as she told this matter to her husband he also overjoyed and he recovered completely and kid was also onto his mark…playing and smiling”….Again she lit the lamp to her god,and she said to her husband it is god who indeed had come to their home in form of teachers disguised.Sharanappa called to the number given by the teacher …and over a time…Mr.Mohan came to know about snippets of life of Shantamma  through teacher .He was ready to help her through his NGO .Meanwhile Shantamma continued the work as a cook in her owner’s house and again she sold the flowers in evening…this routine helped couples to fill their tummy only on day to day basis but since their kid was growing they should think about his needs….is what they felt…as her promise made by her to her owner that she will work to cook…but will not ask the wages if his kid & husband recovers..she kept the word…her owner was overwhelmed by her honesty and gave her his sons anklet and asked if her husband wishes to work since he also recovered .She told this to her husband and he too agreed and he was trained as a cab driver by Shantamma`s owner .And soon he got the job of cab driver as well….they started to stay happily…meanwhile they got their own phone and minimum stuff to make their life better and contacted the teacher…She said Mr.Mohan had identified the Mothers and  their    children who require better education, food and basic amenities will be going to visit all rural places including yours .by next month….Both of them knew no bounds to their joys….waited for next month to arrive…final day had come…when Mr.Mohan and his team came to take the family ….Shantamma managed to work as  cook in the school premises where his kid is going to put up meanwhile Sharanappa still done the job of cab driver at school…..they all were happy and they left their seven hill god

Place but took him always in their heart.

Like a sevendays in a week ,seven colours in rainbow, seven musical notes in a song….a seven petal flower on a seven hill had changed the life of couple….but still there are many Shantamma who are struggling for their daily bread …lets be little impartial to them and lend the helping hand as and when required to them .Being the mother here Shantamma had took changes in swirls of the life that made her life better…she played various role of shoekeeper at temple, florist and cook and she moulded  herself to withstand the amount of stress and challenges she had being mother of a kid.”


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