Blind desire(Fable form of poem)

Oh! flower bloomed in a dawn,
Where ground is covered by a lawn.
Beside there was a shining lake,
Petals of flower fall like a flake. Flower in mood of happiness,
Ever enjoyed the song of sweetness.
They danced throughout the day,
Where good thoughts they lay.
They often sang in cool breeze,
With the zeinth to freeze.
They survived with all,
Made goodness to fall.
Flowers with a sweet song danced,
When one of the bee glanced.
Bee wished flower to be his friend,
Where there love never end.
Flowers and bee are tied in bond,
Like this any friendship be found?
They are ready to do anything,
Because they prayed good to get gracious thing.
Bee wanted flower to be friend of mine,
Where such friend arouse in a line.
But one day harsh cyclone arrived,
Where flower and lake’s beauty died,
Been with full of sorrowful tears,
Where only it’s cry I can hear.
I welcome the bee,
Wherever I can see.
Where there thoughts are like dove,
Because of there endless Love.
I pity for this companion,
Please hear my opinion.
Mortal can end by destiny,
As the world,life is so tiny.
There memories and love last long ever,
In thousands of heart where they end never.
When I must on friendship,
It is a great relationship.
As we desire it won’t be,
Can you experience and see?
We when die,leave our memories,
Which escapes others from their worries.
It is a wish of fortune and fate,
But before we muse it would be too late.


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