My childhood experience(poem)

It was the wonderful experience in my childhood life,
There was a family where lived husband and wife,
I lived very happily,
With my sweet little family.
I was only two years old,
My dad and Mom called me dear gold.
I was once standing in my compound alone,
My mom was busy in speaking over the phone.
oh!that wife was fat,black and eyes were red,
For me she looked like an evil dead.
To make me happy she gave me biscuits and toffy,
But, I was in another mood,
It was my sweet childhood.
Seeing her I was angry in the lane,
I ran fast like an aeroplane.
I rejected biscuits and toffy,
And ,I was in a mood of unhappy.
I told my mom she is like an evil,
And called her many times devil.
My mom told she is your neighbour,
And I told her sorry for my behaviour.
Seeing now my neighbour,
I remember my arrogant behaviour.
Now when I grew up,I saw that neighbour,
Continue the work of a labour.


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