Expedition to Big Bear Gulch Caves

A wonderful journey began around six in the morning when red,crimson shades of sun where beckoning us .We were excited and I took deep breath to relax and we were welcomed by the green lust of forest where ferns and other tall trees touching the sky.The chirping sound of birds added the essence to the abode of mother nature…..I feel my words and thoughts are less to express the abundant beauty of god’s creation. I was still stunned by the big bear gulch caves….I felt god had sent the architect to carve  these caves.I was accompanied  by my lovely son,my strength my hubby and my friend.

We began to capture all these memories….but still  wanted more and more…I felt wish I could carried my brushes and colours to paint.Now our expedition began to explore about Big Bear gulch caves at pinnacles national forest.We walked all the curvy and bumpy roads of journey reached finally the caves though we all are tired and thirsty our thirst got quenched just seeing the sight of the caves.We went inside the caves though it was dark, single beam of flashlight helped to visualize clearly. I was touched by the twilight larking inside the caves to vanish all the inhibition prevailed.I felt the existence of dark caves in ones life are the blackspot as kept by mother on her baby’s face  inorder to protect baby from evil shadows of life.God the almighty has kept the caves in ones life inorder to protect and armour the kaleidoscope of life and to prevent the atrociousness.

I feel caves are the boon came to mother earth, they are the letters sent by god to examine the optimism of message of life.


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