God’s gift is most important and honorable thing in ones life.We the tiny minded human beings never come to know the each second of our life God gives us is a gift or will be giving it.Life is like a turning table time is its swing for each swing god had kept certain weighed precious gifts of different magnitudes it is the foremost duty of us to choose the best among those.

But we never try or give it up.But when we lose it, instead of consoling ourselves that something is awaiting for us  .we intend to compare our lives with others ,rarely are some who choose path of optimists.If we are pessimists think from this point of view don’t cry for problems .Every problem has a solution,if the solution is not there then surely it is not the problem.May be we should go to solve the problems mathematically because life is also a maths.I would like to quote that

“Life is like a maths add the joy ,subtract the sorrow and multiply the happiness divide your sadness”. For different personalities life seems to be different ,problems are diversified and solutions are different but yet everyone wants to lead life with zero problems.

The goal or aim of all is unified to solve the problems like god who is the one we adapt different methodologies of worship. I feel we have to invite problems so that god can be prayed and becomes the helping hand and bestows us with the his  grace.  














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