Noble “Jack -o-lantern”

” In the hustling noise of winds ,falling leaves in the fall thousands of Jack-O-lantern I see which lit and en-light ones house, but one was enlightened from within hustling wind blew his light away every time it was lit.”

Get up “Tabby “said granny with her trembling voice and shivering hands.She  begin  to make Tabby to getup by shaking his legs….but Tabby was in deep sweet sleep and enjoying the fantasies of dream land.Tabby was unaware of his grandma’s voice.She splashed a bucket of water….and said O! poor dear getup we are getting late to pick the woods from the forest.Tabby yawned…yawned suddenly jumped off from his bed.

” It’s time to brush your teeth “said granny .Tabby brushed his teeth reviving about the dream he had in his dreams his doorsteps of house was en lighted by thousands of Jack-o-Lantern.He was encircled by the  group of boys in Halloween costume it’s time to trick or treat for them….Tabby brushed his teeth ,looked in the mirror and smiled.Tabby was around seven year old didn’t have much friends nor parents in his life.He was blooming in the laps of his granny Mrs.Jenny. She was old lady who used to struggle to meet daily bread by cutting woods from the forest and selling them to city.They lived in the small village deprived of basic needs ,if they require to have any demands granny use to knockdown all the dreams and use to pray almighty to send a ray of hope in her’s and in Tabby’s life.

Tabby came from his room and was ready to go with Mrs.Jenny to collect the wood and sell them for penny to the city.They walked towards city Tabby was about to narrate granny the dream he had.Granny also narrated him that “We are like the Jack-o-lanterns both neither go to heaven and hell just burn in life,neither its beginning nor end, but hustling winds of devil trick us every time makes us to extinguish but again ray of hope from almighty comes  and lit our lives”.

Tabby asked surprisingly to granny…”Grandma but in story of Jack-o-lantern ” Jack used to trick the devil every time but in our lives devil is tricking us.Granny smiled and said life is the turning table my child . Since the role of jack was to trick devil and even god did not have space for unsavory soul so he did not send jack to the heaven ….yes we are noble ” Jack-o-lanterns ” we never trick anyone love to treat all though the hustling winds of devils knocks our doorstep every time. Tabby understood the importance of being “Noble Jack -o-lanterns” felt proud and happy about granny.He led his helping hands towards her .Tabby and Mrs. Jenny collected penny walked with smile in their hearts towards their abode where love ,affection are greater than fantasies of dreamland.



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