Mary weds king Anthony#Epic

Once there lived king named Henry

And his lovely daughter Mary

He had only one bitter enemy

whose name was king Anthony

Once king was in worry

He saw his enemy in gallery

He shouted and ran in hurry

Both fought the war in fury

King Henry lost hope

All his courage got elope

He was tired and began to cry

Enemy was a great spy

Mary saw her father Henry

She  rescued him  very

Henry-Mary had great victory

Henry was wise,had a great ploy

He told that spy

Never to deny

wants to meet his annoy

Spy went to king Anthony

Said”How he defeated their agony”.?

King Anthony laughed and praised

Brave lady Mary who was not afraid

King Anthony apologized the Henry

Went to their kingdom to meet Mary

King Anthony and Henry became friends

There wrath did ever end

King Anthony asked Henry

Where is Mary?

King Anthony saw Mary and fell in love

Started to send letters through dove

He asked Mary will you marry?

Mary too admired his chivalry

Loved him and his bravery

Mary got married to king Anthony

Friendship was nourished

Agony and envy perished.


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