Shinning and Winter # Tanka

In response to weekly Tanka challenge prompt shinning and Winter #75 Shinning and Winter # Tanka

Snowflakes falls from sky

Shinning moon welcomes and smile

Snowman gathers too

Everyone rocks  and rolls on

In snowy  gusty winter


2 thoughts on “Shinning and Winter # Tanka

  1. While I enjoyed your post, it does not relate at all to the dVerse prompt that I posted: to use the word “groove” or a form of the word in the body of a poem.
    I’m delighted you’ve joined us at dVerse but must delete your post from today’s Tuesday Poetics because it does not relate to the prompt. I do hope you’ll join us again….either by writing another poem that includes the word “groove” or a form of the word and posting to today’s Tuesday Poetics with a tag that indicates and references dVerse; or by posting this poem again on a Thursday when we offer OLN — Open Link Night — where there is no prompt and writers are free to post a poem of their choosing.
    Hope to see you again at dVerse!


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