Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 95, “Happy & Morose,” #SynonymsOnly


Life is

My message

You all can sense

Open book journey

Life is my companion

Pages of love everywhere

Kindness flows in my little thoughts

Be it be so  joyous or gloomy

My life is my message you all can sense


10 thoughts on “Life

  1. Above poem life is written in Dectina Refrain form the for tanka tuseday challenge using the prompts happy and Morose as their synonym. @Colleen it is new form of poetry Iam writing kindly include it in your challenge thanks


    1. Dectina Refrain is form name, yes it is syllablic in nature first line has one syllable, second has two syllable etc…
      Third has three, fourth line has four, fifth has five, sixth has six, seventh has seven, eighth has eight,ninth has nine and tenth line has ten syllables repeatation of first four lines from the same poem hence the name Refrain.


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