Journey begins

The Create-a-Story Tag: Aniwriter Edition

The words I chose to write a story is Rain, Street as setting, Tragedy as genre.

Few years ago I was traveling to tea estates in Maryl city. Maryl city is large city with less pollution and population. The green tea estates spread across the city all over small cottages here and there. Amazing scenic beauty to see and visit place once in lifetime.

Since city’s outskirts are situated to the costal areas and has frequent torrential rains. It downpours now and then, it looks as if tea estates are beckoning the rains to come and have a sip of tea in Maryl city.

Me and my friends visited Maryl city, watching the scenic beauty and catching the lovely moments in photos. My one of friend James was very much pro founded by photography . He was taking the photo shots in small bushes around and these led to streets of another tea estate.

Suddenly for our surprise though there were less clouds we heard thunderstorms, rain started it’s journey. The streets became wet and very slippery and full of mud as no one can walk.

There was railway tracks and Rail connectivity to Maryl city. To our surprise we heard huge gusty noise of winds admist of all we heard an exploding sound of jerks. Suddenly James and me turnaround to notice the accident happened to the railway engine. It collapsed and it got separated from the wagon.

There were hundreds of passengers screaming in pain, several injured, many were in coma and some were dead. This incident or tragedy led many in trauma and depression.

Soon after, we witnessed the incident we went to spot nearby… after while rain stopped. Police officers along with rescue team managed to clean debris and helped passengers to get out of this disaster. They were in need of help to volunteer such situation by providing them food, clothes and medical aid. Which we volunteered, everyone thanked for work we did we felt really special and honored .

There were lost kids, lost parents, old age people. James knew one of his friend John who run NGO the non-profit non-governmental organization which takes care as first home to those who lost everything or something in natural catastrophes.

James and I took them in a shed, talked about the NGO how it works and how they connect lost people’s lives together to make it fulfilling. Many of them gave positive responses to be part of NGO. But there was tiny newbie baby girl of 8months who lost her parents. Me and James decided to adopt her and give her all happiness in the life which her parents have dreamt. We had naming ceremony for newbie as Mary since we found her in Maryl city.

Whenever I sit in my patio in evening and have a sip of tea, it always reminds me of the incident of railway took place in Maryl city since it was inevitable catastrophe but the love we got, respect we got from the people of Maryl city and who underwent disaster is really appreciative, we became heros in their eyes forever, thanks to the NGO which helped us and we are thankful we got little angel Mary in our lives . We pray almighty to give strength to all those who suffered in Maryl city rail incident. Hope this catastrophe never ever happens and mother earth bestows us with her blessings.



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