Dreams poem

Who had come in my dreams

Who had come in my hearts

Let’s see the sky had bowed so far

My love is become colorful

O! My dearĀ  O! My dear

In corners of life journey

Iam singing a song

Don’t ask me known unconscious

Of my mind

Reaching higher goals which are difficult to find

Attrie of all directions

Today opened path for heavens

When beauty became mine

Everyone’s eyes on me

Death comes to the body

Soul does not have any death

Love is eternal, eternal always

From this eternity will not be stolen




Not me

Iam not a poet

But I can write poetry

Just when I saw you,

Iam not a bird

But can fly high

Just when I saw you,

Iam not a sculptor

Carved you in my heart

Just when I saw you,

Iam not a lover

Learnt to romanance

Just when I saw you,



One love

With you no any complaints from life

You are everything o! my dear wife

My heart says shall I stop this night

Though still dark it may be but don’t fright

Can I stop moon for yourself

Since you are charmer than herself

With you in life is so greener

Our love grows still greater

You are mine dearer

We will depart never


Life is a all about circus

Juggle in between happy and sorrow

In order to become famous

Walk on the rope of narrow

Balance the knives and belly

Be a clown

To earn bread daily

Forget to frown

Make others to smile

Wipe own tears in dark

So everyone is happy meanwhile

Look dazzlingly spark