One love

With you no any complaints from life

You are everything o! my dear wife

My heart says shall I stop this night

Though still dark it may be but don’t fright

Can I stop moon for yourself

Since you are charmer than herself

With you in life is so greener

Our love grows still greater

You are mine dearer

We will depart never



Life is a all about circus

Juggle in between happy and sorrow

In order to become famous

Walk on the rope of narrow

Balance the knives and belly

Be a clown

To earn bread daily

Forget to frown

Make others to smile

Wipe own tears in dark

So everyone is happy meanwhile

Look dazzlingly spark



Mute in life

I was wandering as a cloud

Along sea tides were aloud

Yet the waves became calm

When I applied love balm

In the silent conversation

Of cloud and sea presentation

I was stunned by the sight

Wow! What a wonderful plight

Sounds of sea shells

Beckoning pearls

Filp flops and sand

Starfishes are found

I felt my mute in life’s sea

Iam blessed only to see

Almighty is great to bless me as such

I thank for silence in my life so much



SUMMER SHOWER #End of summer poetry contest

Its time for Summer shower

Brings the mango rains

Smiling Sunflowers

All throughout the lanes

In dark summer sun meets the sea

Scenic beauty is better to see

Tints of Crimson all around

Tiny stars in sky are found

Time has come for  Summer to end

It is nice season to be our friend




Lovely ladylove

In a spring season

Love is in swirls of wind

Lovers finds a reason

Twist in heart to unwind

Secrets to share

Someone to care

Scorching Sunray

Makes their day

Long tresses of lady love

Makes their abode all above

Her kohl  is shadow

Makes their night to glow

Lovely love flows

Warmth bows