All Hallow’s eve

Time to reveal

Its all Hallow’s eve

Mark october 31st

Be first

Block your calendars

Lit the chandeliers

Carved jack-o-latern

Time to disguise and run

Yay! It’s trick or treat

Receiving the more gifts

Playing pranks

Saying thanks

Offering lights to maytr

Reminds them its a starter



In Other Words, mirror…


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In Other Words

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word mirror
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Here is my 5 line story this week;

People say when you look in the mirror it reflects who you are.  She knows that isn’t true because when she looks in the mirror there is a reflection of a rather short pudgy old woman with bad posture, grey hair, and wrinkles. That may be what others see if they look at her; which most often these days they don’t. The mirror may reflect what others see but it only reflects the outer. Yes, she knows she is old but she…

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Narrow Escape

Once lived a wild cat and witty rat in the village. The cat is being reared by the farmer, cat was active and use to catch the rats and helped farmer to have piles of stock of grains in his godown.

One day afternoon cat was        hungry searching for a rat suddenly a witty rat appeared infront of it. Cat was happy it started to chase a rat,  cat was tested its patience . Cat chased the rat but failed to eat it rat had a narrow escape. As days passed wild cat and witty rat became old both died of their old age and born as human beings in their next birth. They were the bike racers named Steve and Smith respectively. Smith who was wild cat in his previous birth and Steve was a witty rat. Both were a foe’s in their professional life.

Smith and Steve were getting cheered in the stadium  some were calling names of them “Steve… Steve come on” and others “Smith… Smith hip hip hurray” bike race was about to begin, Steve gave a wierd glance at Smith. Smith started his bike and began to chase Steve, Steve was on high speed and was about to win just a second Smith managed to reach and defeat him. Smith was delighted and gave a smile to Steve. It was won situation for Smith and a narrow escape from defeat.

Moral of the story is there are many relationships in our lives, we want always to have narrow escape from defeat and win as witty rat (Steve) and wild cat (Smith) did, but at the end they won in their respective life they led, lets be a jovial and give a smile as Smith (wild cat) did at the end of the victory , win and lose situations are on the fate and on our instincts, let’s be happy and do not be rat and cat and not be a foe be a friend .